McLean, Robert W

Robert W. McLean was born in 1916 to William and Mary McLean who lived in Oxford, Chester County.  He was one of three children.

After attending high school for two years, Robert left to enter into the service.

Robert joined the Army on July 10, 1941. He was assigned to the 46th Infantry Battalion, 5th Armored Division. The 5th Division trained extensively and then departed for England in February, 1944. They went ashore on Utah Beach in Normandy, France on July 24, as part of Patton’s 5th Army. The 5th swept 300 miles south to cut off the German’s 7th Army.  

Private First Class Robert W. McLean was killed in action on December 16, 1944 in Belgium. He is buried at the Henri-Champelle American Cemetery in Hombourg, Belgium.
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