Stinson, Robert W

Robert W. Stinson was born in 1912 to Ray and Zoe Stinson in Michigan.  Robert was an only child.

Robert married and moved to Wayne, Pennsylvania.

Robert was a Marine Corps combat Correspondent. In November, 1943, he was assigned to combined air operations at Nukufetau, a small group of islands west of the Solomon Islands.  He was on board a Navy PB4Y Privateer on a search mission which failed to return. After a three day search by Marine Air Group 13, 10 of the 11 Marines were rescued, Robert was never found.

Sergeant Robert W. Stinson was declared Missing In Action on November 18, 1943. He is honored on the Tablets of the Missing or Buried at Sea at the Honolulu Memorial Cemetery.


Research by Don Wambold, WCMSC

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