Segal, Charles

The only information located for Charles Segal is a newspaper clipping from the Coatesville Record dated April 27, 1944:

Charles Segal, a brother-in-law of Mrs. Harold Detterline, this city, is a machinist’s mate lst know to be aboard the United States aircraft carrier “Ranger,” reported by Berlin radio as torpedoed and sunk by a Nazi submarine somewhere in the Atlantic. Segal, a native of western Pennsylvania, registered with the Downingtown Draft board.
The USS Ranger CV-4 was not torpedoed. She participated in the landings in North Africa providing air support in early November 1942. She returned in February transporting aircraft to Casablanca. In March through August 1943, the period of this alleged torpedoing, she sailed of the northern states, patrolling and training pilots. Obviously, Charles lived in Downingtown for a time, since he registered with the Draft board there.



Research by Don Wambold, WCMSC