To My Soldier Boy

by Josephine Caraciolo, mother of Hero Anthony Caraciolo

I’ve been grieving about you dear Albert
And shedding so many tears.
Tears, my boy, I shed in silence
During the last two lonely years. 

The telegram came so sudden,
Right out of a clear blue sky.
Oh, the shock was so terrific,
For you were too young to die. 

But this is my greatest sorrow,
And how can I help but cry.
You never got the chance, my boy,
To bid your loved ones goodbye.

When just 18, you volunteered,
Without a fear of the enemy’s gun.
Never, never thinking, my dear son,
You would lose your life at twenty-one. 

On that bitter cold day, in Belgium,
January the 14th, nineteen forty-five,
You went out on a mission, smiling,
But you didn’t come back alive. 

A letter tells me you went suddenly,
With no time to realize, of course.
We would get that awful message
And shed tears of blood over your loss. 

So only God knows the sorrow,
Only God knows the ache,
That is always in my heart
With every breath I take. 

But there’s still one consolation left,
That kind of eases my sad heart.
I know we’ll meet again some day,
Never, never more to part. 

Some day, I hope to see you, son.
Some day, I know not when,
To hear you call me “Little Mom”
When we shall be together again. 

Then as we clasp each other’s hand
The Lord will make me understand
Why on earth we had to part.
Then He will heal my broken heart. 

All my tears will turn to joy my boy,
As we go walking, side by side
With Angels singing, joy bells ringing.
Then your “Little Mom” will be satisfied. 

And if by some miracle, dear, Albert,
To your loved ones you should come back.
Why you wouldn’t know your “little Mom”’
Who is always dressed in black. 

Dressed in black for you, dear,
For life will never be the same
But I never miss a day dear Albert,
That I don’t mention your name. 

So I won’t say good-bye forever, Son,
For I know that it’s just for a while
It may be days, or it may be years.
But through my tears I’ll try and smile. 

So “Little Mom”, my boy, will try her best
With God’s help to get along.
I know it’s true, I’ll be seeing you.
Until then, “So long, my boy”, so long