William Taylor - Poem



I knew him well, when but a little tacker,
“Building Things” and playing with his toys;
Alone, perhaps, but always quietly smiling—
         Happier far, than some more fortunate boys…
I’ve talked with him, as one who found him worthy,
         And year by year I proudly watched him grow
And wished him glad success in all his striving—
         (It only seems a little while ago)…
I never thought that Bill would be a soldier;
         So peaceful-like, so mild, so kind was he___
I never thought he’d give his Life in Battle,
         In some grim place___ for those he loved—(and be)…
But when the nations’ urgent call was sounded,
         Like many a splendid lad, he answered, too;
And “Carried On” – (for Bill could do not other!)
         Till came the fated message…then, I “knew”…

He never sought to set aside the summons
         When Duty called; by craft scheme or plan;
Nor make a plea of “Youth” to stay his going…
         He didn’t NEED to wait to be “A Man”!
For sake of all he loved; for Home and Nation,
         He gave his Best, his mission to fulfill___
And could he hear me speak the thought within me,
         I’d say, “I’m Proud, Indeed, I’ve Known you, Bill!”


Written by William's friend, Adam Reiter