Murray, Patrick R

Patrick Richard Murray was born on June 20, 1917  to James and Ethel Murray who lived in Erie, Pennsylvania. Patrick was the second oldest of three children. His father, James, was employed as a cab driver, and later as a projectionist in a movie theater.  

Patrick graduated from Academy high school in Erie in 1935. 

Patrick married Florence M Urban sometime before he entered the service. He moved to Pittsburg. At some point in his life, Patrick lived in Chester County.

Patrick entered service in the Army on April 10, 1942 and served with the 314th Infantry Regiment, the 79th Division. The 79th Division trained intensively in California in 1943. They went overseas in April, 1944 to the European Theater of Operations. Wikepedia records the following about the 79th:

After training in the United Kingdom from 17 April 1944, the 79th Infantry Division landed on Utah Beach, Normandy, 12–14 June and entered combat 19 June 1944, with an attack on the high ground west and northwest of Valognes and high ground south of Cherbourg. The division took Fort du Roule after a heavy engagement and entered Cherbourg, 25 June.

…It held a defensive line at the Ollonde River until 2 July 1944 and then returned to the offensive, taking La Haye du Puits in house-to-house fighting, 8 July. 

Second Lieutenant Patrick Richard Murray was killed in action on July 7, 1944, in Normandy. France. He is buried in the Normandy American Cemetery, in Normandy, France. 

Patrick was awarded the Silver Star posthumously on July 29, 1942.

Murray 1935 Yearbook HS Photo