Wray, William J

William J. Wray was born on June 11,1917 to Mr. and Mrs. John Wray in Tennessee. He attended three years of high school and left to find employment.

William moved to Downingtown, Pennsylvania before he entered the Army, on June 5, 1941.

Sergeant William J. Wray was Killed In Action during the war. Date or location of death have not been found.

An article in the Daily Local News on January 14, 1944 states:

Sergeant William J. Wray, son of John S. Wray, a former resident of Downingtown has been declared dead by the War Department.   His name was included in a list of 90 soldiers killed in combat.
This morning efforts were made to locate his father but officials of the Downingtown Post Office stated that no one by that name lived in the community.  All mail addressed to his father is now forwarded to Showns, Tenn.
The authorities did report, however that Virgin White, of 220 Pennsylvania avenue, Downingtown was related to the soldier.


Research by Don Wambold, WCMSC
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