Young, Harry A

Harry A. Young was born in February, 1911 to Harry and Teresa Young who then lived in Washington, DC. Both parents were born in Germany, with Harry, Sr. becoming a US citizen in 1902, and Teresa in 1911.Harry Sr. served in World War I.

The family later moved to Pennsylvania where Harry's brother and sister were born, and then moved again to Maple Shade, New Jersey

Little information was found on Harry Jr.’s early life, but he appears on government lists as from Chester County. 
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 Military records are also sparse, but it is documented that Harry served with the 179th Infantry Regiment, 45th Infantry Division. After extensive training, the 45th Division shipped out on June 8, 1943 arriving in North Africa on June 22nd where they continued extensive training for the invasion of Italy.

On July 10th, Harry’s Division landed on the easternmost beaches of Sicily, as part of ‘Operation Husky’. The 45th was part of Patton’s rush east toward Palermo before turning east to Messina, beating Field Marshall Montgomery. These maneuvers are vividly depicted in the 1970 epic film “Patton”.

On July 30th, Patton pulled the division out of the front line to prepare for invasion of mainland Italy. This invasion was called Operation Avalanche.

Harry's division was then assigned to General Mark Clarks Fith Army and went ashore on September 10th at Salerno.

Private Harry A. Young was Killed In Action on September 23, 1943 in Italy. He is buried in the Sicily-Rome American Cemetery. 

The next time you watch the Movie Patton, think of Harry Young from our county who fought through Sicily.


Research by Don Wambold, WCMSC